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Welcome to SJLS

Sorhakhutte Japanese Language School was established in order to assist Nepalese student who desire to pursue their education from reputed and globally recognized Universities and colleges in Japan. We have been providing various services (career guidance, language classes, documentation guiding, Visa application assistance, pre departure briefing) and have also been working as a bridge between Nepalese Students and Japanese Language Schools, Colleges and Universities. Thus, we would like to welcome you all in Sorhakhutte Japanese Language School. We assure you a friendly environment and well service.


What we do?

We give counseling services to the aspirants. Generally we give the counseling to the students who would like to study in Japan.

Career Guidance
Career Guidance

Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time is the key of every success. So, we deliver you the service that effects your Future Career. We provide the best counseling to you on the basis of your desire, academic status, and visa success rate with providing all of the information about the suitable colleges/ Universities according to your interest and guiding the best way without any costs.

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Language Classes

Japanese language courses from beginners to Advance levels by gradually build students' skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking and helps to develop intercultural competence of the learners. We provide Japanese language class for any purpose.

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Documentation Guiding
Documentation Guiding

We are ready to guiding you the way of documentation. As your Consultant, We provide you the information to prepare all of the documents required to apply for your C.O.E . and guiding you through Visa processing and all the other required documents. Staffs are helpful and co-operative for these process.

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We partner with the best language schools located in Japan and are confident that we can help you find the one that matches your needs the best.


Applying for a school and a student visa is very complex and time consuming; however, our application process is straight-forward and easy to understand.


Our support service that helps you live and study in Japan doesn't cost you anything! You pay the same exact amount of tuition to the school with or without our help, so there is no reason not to use us!

Message From Mr. Sabin Khanal

Message from Principal

Sorhakhutte Japanese Language School has been established on the basis of a set of values. Japan, the leading economic country of the world, is not only known for its global business phenomenon, various culture, peace loving people and the best hospitality but also famous for imparting twenty first century’s technology based practical knowledge to its pupils. To the Nepalese students, it has been the best academic destination for more than a century.We give our best counseling standing on the facts; deliver quality language training for individuals or group students using customized and creative plans.

This would allow Sorhakhutte Japanese Language School to inspire, motivate and mentor the intellectual curiosity of the student’s right from the traditional arts to high level Japan based learning technology.Here are trained and qualified educators who share a passion for teaching in well versed with Japanese culture, the subtle but critical nuances of the Japanese people, and etiquette and behavioral norms in business and social set up.This allows the students to learn the language and to give dedication and sincerity which fuels the joy of learning.We give our maximum effort for making our class enjoyable and fruitful, so they may reach their goal to enter the Japanese college or for any other their own concern.

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Mr. Sabin Khanal